Duror Church

  • Duror Church is just off to the left off the main road as it passes through the village coming from Ballachulish.

  • Sunday worship at 10:00am

  • Rev Sandy Stoddart

St Munda’s Church

  • St Munda’s Church is located at Brecklet, Ballachulish. Drive or walk past the shinty park, turn left immediately before the road crosses the river. The church is 200 metres on the left beyond St Mun’s Catholic Church.

  • Sunday worship at 11:30am

  • Rev Sandy Stoddart

Joint Service

The last Sunday of each month is a joint service and alternates between the two churches.


Baptism is the sign of belonging in the Christian church. The minister is happy to conduct baptismal services for people of all ages. When we baptise infants we are saying that God loves them even before they know about it and that they are welcome in the family of faith because of what Jesus has done for them. Children are baptised after a declaration of faith by a parent or parents but they will need to make that choice for themselves when they are older. When we baptise adults we are generally recognising that they are loved and welcome in God’s family because of what Jesus has done and that they already have their own faith in him.

Service of Blessing

Baptism is not the right choice for every family. If a child has been baptised somewhere else and a local service is also wanted, if one or both parents feel they can’t take the baptismal promises with integrity, or where there is a desire to leave open the possibility of a child seeking baptism for themselves later, then a Service of Blessing might be appropriate. This still normally takes place in a Sunday morning service, involves prayers, readings and a blessing for your child, but we don’t use water or ask parents to make promises. Whatever your circumstances we still want to share your celebration.


The minister will be happy to conduct wedding services in the church or in other suitable venues. In a Service that is personal to you he will do what he can to help to make your wedding a really special occasion as you make promises to each other and we ask for God’s blessing on your relationship.


We are a Parish Church which means that we are here for everyone living in the Parish. The minister will be pleased to help you to arrange a Christian service and to offer our support freely, whether or not you or your family member have any connection to the congregation. Services will be individually crafted in discussion with members of the family and will reflect the life of the person who has passed away.

All Services of whatever type are carefully and individually crafted to be appropriate for the occasion.